What better way to understand shopper habits and preferences than to observe them in retail environments?

Accompanying shoppers during the decision making process allows Ethnoscapes Global researchers to explore shoppers’ thoughts, needs, and attitudes while weighing purchase options. Insights gained during these purchase points provide invaluable information for a wide range of important sales decisions such as product placement, package design, messaging, price points, and branding.

Furthermore, the purchase decision is often not solely formed by the in-store retail experience. Much of the information that affects a shopper’s purchase decision is gathered from a variety of sources before the shopper heads to the store. Shopper habits and preference studies often combine multiple qualitative methodologies to provide a 360 degree view of all of the factors that inform a retail purchase decision.

Typical methodologies to identify shopper habits and preferences include:
  • Shop Along
  • Journaling Activities
  • Videography
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Dyadic and Triadic Interviews
  • Online Surveys
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Mobile Ethnography
  • Eye Tracking