Developing a truly innovative and useful product requires a deep understanding of the customer.

Product developers need to learn not just what products customers use (or don’t use) – they need to know how they use them. We help our clients understand customers’ joys, and challenges, in using a product. We also work tirelessly with product developers to understand the opportunities that new technologies can provide to potential customers.

With insights gained from researching your current or prospective customers, your company will have the resources to create amazing and successful products.

Typical product development/modification methodologies include:
  • Contextual Inquiry (In-Home/In-Office)
  • Cognitive Task Analysis
  • Day in the Life Studies
  • Shadowing Activities
  • Journaling Activities
  • Videography
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Dyadic and Triadic Interviews
  • In-person Focus Groups
  • Online Focus Groups


Examples of Our Work

Example #1: Observations and Focus Groups Inform Product Design

In the Summer of 2012, Ethnoscapes Global worked on a multi-phased research project with a large information and technology corporation that serves the legal industry. They required more information about client needs to guide new product development. Read more, here.

Example #2:  Interviews and Observations Help Identify Customers’ Needs

A large and well respected manufacturer of windows and doors commissioned a multi-phased research project during the spring and summer of 2014. They sought to identify any potential modification needs for existing products. Read more, here.