Product Modification Research with Phone Interviews and Observationswindow1

A large and well respected manufacturer of windows and doors commissioned a multi-phased research project during the spring and summer of 2014. The manufacturer’s goal was to better understand typical customer pain points during the installation process so that the company could generate ideas to both improve their product, and improve product installation support systems.

Phone Interviews Identify a Range of Challenges

The first phase of research involved 20 telephone interviews with general contractors and installers to help identify the range of potential product and installation challenges.

List of Identified Challenges Helped Guide Observations

Pain points identified in the first phase of research were prioritized to create an efficient and impactful ethnographic research agenda. Seven total observational sessions lasting three to four hours each were then conducted in Minnesota and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Insights Showed a Need for More Educational Support, but not Product Modification

During the in-field observations, we found that the product performed well and that no significant product modifications were needed to improve the installation experience. However, we also identified areas where easy access to additional installation materials and more in-depth educational support would significantly improve installation quality and customer experiences with the product.