Global markets and consumption patterns are constantly changing.

Researching current (or potential) customers’ needs, wants, and desires can help you identify unexplored areas for innovation and open up new revenue streams.  Ethnoscapes Global offers a range of approaches that can help your business identify fruitful opportunities and strategies to take advantage of them.

Typical research methodologies include:
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Day in the Life Studies
  • Shadowing Activities
  • Journaling Activities
  • Videography
  • In-Depth Interviews


Examples of Our Work:

Example #1:  Concept Testing Anti-Money Laundering Services

In the Summer of 2016, Ethnoscapes Global tested product concepts that would help Anti-Money Laundering investigators more efficiently and effectively protect their customers and organizations from potential criminal fraud. Ethnoscapes organized 14 In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with screen sharing software to walk the participants through each concept. These interviews resulted in information that helped our client better evaluate potential market receptivity to these concepts.  Read more, here.



 Example #2:  Concept Testing Retail Analytics and On Demand SAS

In 2013, Ethnoscapes Global designed and moderated a series of in-person focus groups to evaluate customer reactions to products that would provide retail analytics and on demand SAS with cloud access. These conversations helped our client modify its products to better fit customer needs. Furthermore, our insights helped our client fine tune marketing and pricing decisions that resulted in a highly successful product launch the following year.  Read more, here.