Business Solutions Informed by Academic Rigor

We take research seriously… so seriously that our staff consists only of individuals with doctoral degrees in cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology is the academic field of study that developed most of the qualitative research methods used in market research today. We have the methodological and theoretical expertise to design, conduct, and analyze the best research to answer your particular needs.

Rapport with Clients and Research Participants

Our wide-ranging academic and professional experience gives us a particular edge in creating rapport with research participants (from interviews to focus groups to online communities). Our staff has experience conducting research in the United States, Central America, Africa, and Europe with diverse populations (ex. international business and legal professionals, Minnesota college professors, Eastern European street sellers/artists, Guatemalan tourism industry entrepreneurs, etc.).

Deep and Nuanced Insights

Furthermore, our academic and professional backgrounds enable us to provide deep and nuanced insights. We have been trained to think critically and to look at research questions and findings from multiple angles. In particular, Ben Willett’s experience as a market researcher in a large multinational corporation has given him a keen understanding of how qualitative research approaches can answer many tough business quandaries.

About Our Name

Inspired by anthropologist Arjun Appadurai, we chose the name, “Ethnoscapes Global,” to express our determination to understand human thinking and behavior based on context (without depending upon simple stereotypes of difference). Read more here.