Ethnography and Focus Groups Contribute to Product Development

In the Summer of 2012, Ethnoscapes Global worked on a multi-phased research project with a large information and technology corporation that serves the legal industry.

Observing Lawyers at Work

The first phase of research was a series of 11 Ethnographic Observations in Minneapolis and New York City. These observations provided the research team with:  1) a first-hand understanding of the specific matters that certain types of attorneys handle on a typical day; 2) the real world context for lawyers’ work; and 3) how lawyers conduct their work on a day-to-day basis.


Observation Insights Inform Product Concepts Shown to Focus Groups

Knowledge from the first phase informed the development of highly customized concept materials that were used in 4 focus group sessions conducted in New York City and San Francisco. The focus groups provided direct reactions to product development ideas.

Insights Build Better Products

Understanding how attorneys work day-to-day in their real world environment, combined with direct reactions and input into demonstrated product development ideas, allowed for a more holistic understanding of the conscious and subconscious factors that influence attorney work. These insights helped the company create products that would better address lawyers’ needs.