In-Depth Telephone Interviews to Understand Information and Communication Needs

In the Summer of 2013, Ethnoscapes Global was hired by a marketing and public relations firm (representing a major manufacturer of ore mining supplies) to help understand mining customers’ information needs and to identify effective methods of communication.

A series of 20 in-depth telephone interviews were held with mining product acquisition decision makers, as well as with mining engineers who advised the decision makers. Our client sought to better understand individuals’ roles in purchasing mining products, what they valued in relationships with vendors, the types of information they needed to make purchase decisions, and how to best communicate that information to optimize sales opportunities.

Our client, the marketing and public relations firm, used the research findings to design an international campaign to introduce additional products and services to existing customers and to attract new mining equipment customers. One surprising finding was that customers preferred phone communication over emails, and they welcomed communication about new products.