Example #2:  Communication Research with Prototypes

In the Fall of 2012, Ethnoscapes Global worked with a major international electronics manufacturer to help test and refine a product designed to take advantage of new ePaper technologies. In order to help our client identify compelling value propositions and communication messages with high level professions, we organized a series of five focus groups spread between major economic hubs on the east and west coasts of the United States. Focus group participants were supplied with prototypes of the new technology and guided through a series of tasks. Structured questions gathered reactions to the ePaper prototypes, identified potential barriers to use, and ultimately isolated language that would communicate the numerous advantages of ePaper technology to high level business professionals.

Our client used the research results to modify product design and functionality. Research insights are also being used to create a basis for a major international marketing and sales campaign that will target professionals working in traditionally paper intensive environments (e.g., doctors, lawyers, academics, etc.) to champion the benefits of ePaper in their various fields.